24 Hours Public Live Webcam - Teddy Mommy and Teddy Bear Wor

Buy reservation. (the deposit paid) after 24 hours long young Open Cloud video, let you see the mother bear and bear Teddy transparent life world


Please follow the steps to complete and contact us to confirm the password to see Live Teddy Bear life online
1. Go to the app store search and download "SoCatch" video software (this software can be used worldwidely)

2.After downloading,click into the "SoCatch" app.
Then, click on the upper right corner "+ new DVR"

3.Enter information
Name: Teddy Mommy and Teddy Bear World
Port number: 80
User: teddybearworld
Password: Please contact us to confirm your special password
After your input, click on the upper right corner to save

4.Click on the built in DVR to enter the screen ,click on the 16CH and then click on the video screen to zoom in to view the world of teddy bears at any time at anywhre.

Example of Video Screen

If you have any questions on the operation settings, feel free to contact us, we will help you to complete the setup online
Thank you for your trust and support.
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