Meet our poodle parents of You-Long babies
We provide absolute guarantee based on our well-respected business reputation 
of over 30 years of experiences in poodle breeding that we only send out 
100% healthy & strong poodle teddy bears with future adult size estimation guarantee.

At YouLong Poodle Breeding Center, we provide wide color selections on 
Small Toy Poodles, Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears, Super Tiny Poodle Teddy Bears 
and the rarest poodle breed in the world, extremely petite in body size, 
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears;

Color choices are as follows: 
Red, Maple Red, Apricot, Camel, Black, Cream, Chocolate, Silver White, 
Silver Gray, and Mixed-Color (2 colors or more) and so on, 
lovely Poodle Teddy Bears with all different colors.

Mr. Jumpy 

My name is Jumpy, a teacup classic red male.
I'm very outgoing and active always full of anergy man.
with my cuteness face, I can easily melt anyone's heart.
My high is 20.5cm, weight is around 2kg.

Mr. Obama 

My name is Obama, a small teacup dark grey male.
I'm very gentle quiet little man.
You can see all the goods of poodle from me.
My high is 19cm, weight is around 1.4kg.

Mr. Euro 

My name is Euro, a teacup parti-color male.
I'm very gentlebut active little man.
always happy and royal
My high is 21cm, weight is around 2.2kg.

Mrs. Mimi

My name is Mimi, a shy teacup maple red female.
Big eyes and sweet cute round face.
My high is 19cm, weight is around 2kg.

Mrs. Owa

My name is Owa, a sliver grey teacup female.
I'm very easy going and happy.
Very rare coat color and sweet smile.
My high is 23cm, weight is around 2.5kg.

Mrs. Mei 

My name is Mei, a teacup classic red female.
I'm very active and sweet.
You can see all the goods of poodle from me.
My high is 17.5cm, weight is around 1.5kg.

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