About Youlong Breeding Center

Youlong Breeding Center has established over twenty years, with breeding experience last thirty years.

We are the only company that carries unique breeding technology of poodles in Taiwan.

We have huge amount of poodles which holds superior bloodline, rich hair, beautiful posture, elegant face and unique temperament.

Furthermore, we offer a 100% guarentee of each poodle's body type as it being an adult dog.


▲Clean and tidy caring space

We have a perfect ventilation system and clean up our environment in a specific time every single day.

Offering a clean and tidy surroundings for these puppies.

Our poodles are personally raised by our principal Ms.Chang (TeddyMommy) . 

Our company is provided with extraordinary pet caring and beauty styling facilities. We build this advanced poodle breeding center with more than millions of dollars. Allowing these toy/teacup poodles(Teacup TeddyBear) live in a comfortable, safe and healthy life.


▲Bright and wide outdoor square(sunbath)

Youlong Breeding Center's outdoor square is bright and broad, fulfiils with sunshine. 

We offer toy/teacup poodles(TeddyBear) which possess the identical quality as those breeding companies in developed countries such as Japan and the U.S..
Currently our market focus on overseas countries in Europe, North America and South-east Asia.
We positively continue our progress to other overseas market with potential.
In regard to our toy/teacup poodles, please visit our website
▲Elegant and wide indoor square

We decorate our yard with mild lights, provide a warm place for these puppies and employees.

We also focus on talent development, promoting industry-university cooperation for those who want to start a new career.

Our business philosophy not only emphasis on our company development, but also on employees' learning and growing.
We adopt a diversified business model, developing original pet boutique brand recently.

We're hoping professionals with passion and prospect to this industry could join us.

We care about employees' learning and growing

We give these puppies love mission, just like our children marry people all over the world. Make members of each family more interactive, more laughing, more love. We share this love to the whole world through these adorable puppies.

This, fighting for the honor, is our mission!



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Email: a5299.a3344@msa.hinet.net or teddy5299@hotmail.com
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